I’m going to keep this part short. Really just joining the dots for y’all in case you missed the memo in the early noughties about HAVING to have a pair of Sass & Bide East Village jeans. Well, that’s Heidi Middleton(Bide), along with her best friend Sarah-Jane Clarke(Sass) and from that first pair of jeans till not so long ago the two of them built something incredibly exciting for so many of us heavily influencing the way Australian women dressed and putting us on the world map of fashion. But that was then and this is now and we are not defined by a moment in time but by the way we live, what we stand for and how we treat others and the universe and this is the Heidi I want to share with you.

People always wonder if Heidi is as nice as rumour has it. Not being as nice as my friend Heidi and a tad more cynical I would normally say no one, I repeat no one is THAT nice. Think of the nicest person you know and times it by a thousand. Actually times it by ten thousand and that will answer your question. Yeah yeah I have my girl gush on right now and you can poo poo it (side effect from my neighbours kid using this word in every sentence, sorry) but she transcends normal good behaviour while still be wickedly fun and well, I simply love her.

You see I could talk for days about her creative genius and original style but I think you might already know this. What you might not know is how much she gives. To those she loves and to those in need. Her heart is so big I’m not exactly sure how she carries it in that tiny frame. Her fierce fight to protect the world’s children from harm and to always do what’s ethically right is part reason her two daughters Elke and India see the world the way they do, with kindness and compassion. It’s not surprising that she has attracted, and the universe has delivered a like minded soul for her to walk this road called life. Nicho who teaches Vedic Meditation in Paris and New York and is the co-owner of Insight, the fastest growing mediation app and is the perfect ying to her yang. My talks with Nicho are precious moments of considered thought that reset my intentions and allow me to be at peace with the madness that is life. The fact he let me put him in this shoot is a miracle and as we count our blessings I sure consider this one of them.

An artist at heart Heidi is immersing herself in her now adopted home of Paris, the city of her childhood memories exploring the next creative chapter of her life, her art work. A very personal project that combines both collage and illustration reflecting her instinctual need to collect and create both the old and the new.

Photographer Stefania Paparelli (Thank you for this xx)

Heidi talks Nicho…..                                                          

Cup half FULL.

Talented Mr Ripley

Past life

Next life

Can sing, can move.

Putting that ring on my finger!

Real Deal

One word

Right now
Floating down the Ganges….

Nicho talks Heidi….

At the markets

All her own

Past Life

Next Life
Mother Divine

Singing (tee hee)


Real Deal
Yes, she is….

One Word
Femidable (my word)

No is not a word she understands

Right Now
Thinking about others