Uncle Bearskin's Productions ABC Childrens Book



Uncle Bearskin's Productions ABC Childrens Book

To me books are the greatest gift of all, especially for kids as their world becomes more digital and the land fill gets bigger. When I saw Unclebearskin's ABC it stopped me in my tracks. A beautiful partnership between artist Cat Lee and author Vicki Wood bring to life the vibrant souls of some very cool characters. Yolanda the Yak, Zelda the Zebra and Esmarelda the Elephant join an entire crew that will inspire and teach your children their ABC's in the most delightful way, a must for Santa's stocking..

Uncle Bearskin's Productions ABC Childrens Book

A word from the author Vicki Wood

Uncle bearskin’s ABC book began with a dream I have had to create an animal book unlike any other; one that hopefully would  intrigue and fascinate young minds as every page is turned.
So who else but artist Cat Lee could bring this dream to life… her imaginative use of colour excites and captivates both the young and old, I knew she was my only choice.
I really wanted the words to have a purpose and I didn’t only want to use words that young kids are already familiar with.
Children have such great memories and they can carry these words in their vocabulary forever, remembering the first time they came across… "flamboyant" or  "gregarious".
It is so adorable to hear young children who have read the book, finds ways to use the adjectives in their own sentences but this is just the beginning as their little minds are starting to grasp the emotive power of words.
When our children are exposed to a wider vocabulary and feel comfortable expressing themselves using more descriptive language it changes their perception of the world.
How you react to what children say and think imprints on their minds and they can carry that confidence or lack thereof with them their entire lives.
Hopefully the unique and colour-filled images help children to remember and associate the words with their meaning so my number one request was, that every animal be looking straight at the reader.
I wanted the reader to feel like they were making an immediate and lasting connection with the animal, and so began our 12 month journey as Cat’s magical paintbrush bought our dreams to life.
Once completed Cat bought her enormous artworks to Sydney for my very first viewing.
I was totally taken by surprise at the energy of the pieces, for me they felt alive, staring straight at me.
I felt so overwhelmed by their beauty that I cried.
Which brings me to the incredibly talented Simon Portbury whose graphic artistry and considered hand is over every single page with finishes and attention to detail that only a person of his passion, talent and care could achieve.
And so with everything almost ready for print I tested Unclebearskin’s ABC on my grandchildren…
My granddaughter said to me in her most sincere voice “Oh Nana, I’m so glad you drew the pink zebra, you know she is almost extinct, and now everyone will get to see how beautiful she is !”
“Thank you Nanny!"

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