The Batterson family just happened. I didn’t know it was happening until it well, just happened. One minute I was standing in the most beautiful children’s store I had ever seen and the next I was wrapped up in a French affair. You see I was cheating on my family just a smigen with this new family crush. I blame entirely Virgines insane ability to naturally create beauty and meaning from whatever she touches and this does not exclude her three children Liam 8, Kenyon 16 and Ella 12. From her store Mamapapa which has always been my happy place to her home and it’s white on white philopsy, it is impossible to not fall into their French world of creativity, family and love.

Kenyon, Liam and Ella talk about their mum…….

The most positive mum on the planet, devoted to Kenyon, Ella, and Liam. That’s us, her family.

Lace + vintage + boho chic + simple elegance.

Past Life
It’s a mystery to us.

Next life
Mum will be an angel (Ella)

Her positivity

Can always see the good in people.

Real Deal
Love, creativity and family…..that’s real.

One Word

Watch out if your room is untidy (Liam and Ella)

Right Now
She IS Mamapapa always trying to make everyone around her happy.

Photographer Sam Elsom

Batterson family wear Mamapapa and vintage.

To my friend Virgine, thank you for EVERYTHING and being you. x