CANVS is a homegrown creative agency, or as we like to think of it, a creative family. We are storytellers, style enthusiasts, brand builders and life adventurers striving to use our creative business to spark curiosity and inspire change. We collaborate with like minded brands, friends and those who we admire across travel, style, environmental and cultural projects using our work to continually educate our family/community and to connect with people and the planet.

Canvs is also home to the Bottega, an e-commerce workshop experimenting with unique supply chains and makers. What we make will not belong to a collection or a season, not even a particular market or category. Maybe it will be something you can wear, something you can experience or something you can help change. It will be driven by inspirational co-creators, innovations, function and beauty. The Bottega isn’t a sustainable brand but a place of sustainable and ethical practices used and implemented to the best of my understanding and within the scope of my resources. Sometimes we will up cycle dead stock, other times we will make things from scratch, using recycled materials. The process will be my story telling, transparent and curious. Somethings will fail and others will succeed yet the goal will always be the same: to discover interesting and exciting ways of creating and making to bring beauty in the form of need and function with as little to no impact on the planet.




Sheree has had the privilege of working with some of the worlds most inspiring creatives and brands; strangers and friends who have supported and contributed to making CANVS a unique lifestyle platform. With over twenty years experience in the fashion industry as a designer, stylist and brand consultant, her inimitable perspective and trademark style has attracted partnerships, campaigns and support from global luxury brands, iconic Australian retailers and local homegrown companies. Through these collaborations and the inspiring individuals that have allowed her to tell their unique family stories, Sheree has opened up conversations in fashion, travel, family, creativity, sustainability and culture.

“For me, living is imagining. As it is to dream, as it is to try and as it is to fail. And so, becomes the mission of finding sustainable solutions and innovations to fulfil our creative expressions and stories. From what we wear, to what we experience. To what we need versus what we desire. Community is our new currency and collaboration a fundamental conversation. Welcome to The Bottega”

SC x

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