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Camilla x CATGK-10
Camilla x CATGK-23

Castaway Island

What attracted me to working with this collection by Camilla was the theme of opposites. For me, Road to the Blue House has such a strong sense of mystery, there is something dark about it, a little bit heavy but at the same time it stays true to the lightness of Camilla through colour and celebration. I edited the collection to a carefully curated selection to take into the world of Captainandthegypsykid and this is how we ended up as ‘castaways’ amidst the Great Barrier Reef.

A bit posh you might say… Castaways at the luxury holiday destination One + Only Hayman Island? You would be correct in saying that but as the real Captain Jack flew in on his chopper, Captain Wilde, Sugar, Sam and I sailed out…There was no lying by the pool, reading a book or tanning - who wants to do that? We were there for one reason only and that was to find pirates and mermaids on islands where only boats can go and people are rarely seen…

Everywhere we went we were faced with the raw, real beauty of Australia and the feeling of absolute freedom when looking out to the horizon and seeing endless blue with nothing in between, white sand reaching out like fingertips trying to touch the sky and not a soul in sight. So remote and so still, adrift above an underground world so vast and special - the perfect place to tell the story of Road to the Blue House through the eyes of Captain & the Gypsy Kid. Old and new, bright and dark, classic and crazy.! Dirty denim, vintage and designer all play the perfect accessory to my winter edit from Camilla Autumn Winter 2015. I hope you enjoy it!

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Photographer Sam Elsom | Styling and Direction Sheree Commerford

A special thank you to the One + Only Hayman Island for having us on your beautiful island and being extremely patient with our adventurous ways and to Tarah and her team for looking after us so well and making us feel right at home - you made the children feel so welcome and so loved I cannot thank you enough. To Camilla for encouraging us to tell our own story inspired by her beautiful collection and lastly to Queensland, Australia for just being you.