The Family Tree

This family happens to be my family, cousins in fact. Joel is the oldest, next comes Molly then little Charlie girl. They have been playing and creating music with their family since they could talk…..One by one busting to get on stage with their Dad and Pop. It’s in their blood to be sure. Their father, Rob Imeson is fast becoming recognised as an Australian folk story teller with his emotional songwriting. Their grandparents Pop and Annie Grannie are musicians in their own right. They have taught their grandchildren more then just how to play an instrument or strum a beat. Then there is their Mum Amy who is just well, everything. She sings, plays the flute and all the rest. She is the roadie, the chef, the producer and chief organiser. Together they are The Family Tree. A tight knit unit of travelling muso’s sharing their lyrical poetry with whoever is fortunate to hear it, making the hair on your arms stand to attention. People must think when they see Joel, Molly and Charlie that they have such a bright future ahead of them. I look at them and think what a bright life they are living right now.

 Photographer Sam Elsom | Styling + Creative Sheree Commerford | Clothes by Witchery

Follow their journey around Australia this year as they hit the road of life.

SHOP Molly, Joel’s and Charlie’s look at Witchery Boy + Girl


Between them they play the violin, percussion, horn, drums, guitar, ukulele and sing.

Joel is 12, loves cricket. Molly is 10 and is pretty tall for her age. Charlie is called Chick and loves her netball.

“It’s just a thing we do with the family all together, to sort of spend time together. It’s a happy thing” – Joel and Charlie

Joel talks about a song that his dad wrote with him on stage when they were performing in Darwin 7 years ago.  Charlie in her sweet little voice loves “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles.


All three talk about friends from school, Granny Annie who is also in their band and their music teacher Sister Anne (FYI Sister Anne was also my music teacher, wow.)

Hands down easy vote for Granny Annie, Sister Anne, Pop, Mum and Dad.

Granny Annie, Pop, Mum, Dad and us.

Joel – “Playing cricket for Australia”

The first song from their second album The Family Tree, Oh The Places and is now available on Itunes
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Thank you Amy, Rob, Joel, Charlie, Molly, Paul and Anne for early mornings, a cup of tea and being family xxx