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The new re-generation of skincare

The test for me is knowing that a skincare line can work in with the way that I live. I am, by definition a low maintenance person, so when it comes to my beauty regime I am really particular about what I let into the bathroom cabinet. It really has to count, there has to be clear results and I have to feel good in the process of using it. So many of you are like me, working mothers trying to tick all the boxes. Work, home, family and friends and, as we know, the first thing to fall to the way side to make room for this impossible goal is how we take care of ourselves.

Once upon a time in my early 30’s I made a crazy declaration that every month I would dedicate one professional treatment to my skin. Of course that hasn’t happened and, even though I am incredibly fortunate to spend time with CHANEL skincare expert Melanie Grant from time to time, I haven’t committed to what really needs to be done on a daily basis for a woman in her early forties. Enter CHANEL Sublimage cleansing collection. I truly believe nothing of substance and longevity can be built without a strong foundation and this collection has completely changed my whole approach to cleansing. Finally, I feel like for the first time in my crazy life I can look after my skin in the manner that it deserves, that I deserve. Now I can have that luxury skin experience at home, every day without compromising on what I or my skin needs. The CHANEL Sublimage collection allows me to maximise my cleansing window into a transformative beauty ritual of sensory discoveries that gives my skin a strong foundation every single day. A foundation of being deeply cleansed, purified and luminously polished.

The thing that I love the most about the collection as a whole is that you can curate what works best for you. You can take what you need and leave what you don’t or choose to use all four products as your skin needs them. It allows you to build a cleansing regime that is unique to your skin and how you live. For me, I use the collection in two ways - one as a monthly ritual and the other as a part of my every day.


Sheree wears CHANEL Coco Crush Motif earrings


L’Huile-en-Gel de Démaquillage

Use | Morning and night deep cleanse.

A surprising sensory and textural journey which starts as a gel and turns into a luxurious warm oil as you massage the skin deeply with small circular movements. The soft oil soon turns to a delicate milk when water is added and the skin is left feeling unbelievably soft and bright. My tip is if you are short on time do this ritual before jumping in the shower.

I'm a big fan of a double cleanse in the evenings - starting gentle to break down makeup and sunscreen before using something a little more active to ensure my complexion is thoroughly clarified. L'Huile en Gel de Démaquillage does this all for me - within a minute, what starts as an oil transforms into a gel sees out my entire cleansing regime in one step. Perfect for late nights, new mums or when you're on the go.”  - CHANEL Skin Expert, Melanie Grant


L’Eau de Démaquillage

Use | Every day.

I use L’Eau de Démaquillage in a few different ways on a daily basis. It feels like my fresh dive into the ocean every morning when I use it as follow up to my deep cleanse with L’Huile-en-Gel de Démaquillage. With a cotton wipe (just discovered reusable ones )  I give my skin something I call the “clean slate, the ultimate way to cleanse and hydrate my skin in the most purest of ways. Its micro-sensors absorb all traces of makeup and pollution, helping to cleanse the skin, leaving it in it’s purest state.

The other way is as a make up remover which, I have to say, is definitely the most luxurious makeup remover my skin has experienced. A fresh, water cleanse that removes makeup and any pollutant residue. I love the travel tip from CHANEL Skin Expert, Melanie Grant, “when I travel, I always reach for Sublimage L'Eau de Démaquillage. It cleanses the complexion and instantly gives dehydrated skin a new life. It neutralises pollution and shields from free radical damages, both of which are essential during long haul flights.”


Sublimage Les Grains De Vanilles

Use | Every few days

Oh goodness how I love you.  Les Grains De Vanilles has made me grow up and my adult regime means every few days I give my skin a massaging ritual that softly buffs the surface to a fresh new start. The gel is utterly refreshing and the vanilla seeds and jojoba beads polish new life into my skin. I find it to be the  ultimate at-home solution to achieving those professional results that I don’t have the time or resources to pursue as often as I actually need.  I use this at night before jumping in the shower or in the bath for my monthly ritual.

“An ideal step before a special event or if you're feeling particularly dull and dehydrated, Les Grains De Vanilles gently sloughs away dry, dead skin cells and promotes circulation for a healthy glow. “ - CHANEL Skin Expert, Melanie Grant


Sheree wears CHANEL Coco Crush Motif rings in both beige and white gold 

Sublimage Le Savon de Soin

Use | Every now and then

Since I have placed this divine looking creamy soap on my bathroom vanity, my children’s hands started to look unusually sparkly clean, so now my Le Savon de Soin comes out only on the days when my skin wants to keep things a little simple and natural with that old school ‘just cleaned’ soap feeling. This is not an every day cleanse for me due to my skin type but as recommended by CHANEL Skin Expert, Melanie Grant, “It ensures the complexion is perfectly clarified without disrupting the delicate pH balance, ideal for those who are on the oiler side, or like a "squeaky clean" finish.”

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Pour a hot bath, a glass of wine (not at the same time) and grab a good book or podcast.

  1. Give your face a slow and relaxing massage with L’Huile-en-Gel de Démaquillage and then gently wipe with a cool damp cloth, repeat for that extra deep cleanse.
  2. Refresh the face and remove any residue from the day with L’Eau de Démaquillage using cotton reusable wipes. A hydrating cleanse that is super light and does the important job of prepping the skin.
  3. Cover the face and décolletage in this soothing gel and polish your skin to dare I say something similar to a baby’s you-know-what. It really is a luxurious treatment so taking your time with steam in the bath really helps the circulation get moving in your skin when massaged. It is the ultimate way to buff the skin and the perfect end to some well deserved self care x

Photography Sam Elsom  | Creative Sheree Commerford

Thank you to CHANEL Make up Artist, Victoria Baron for bringing her genius to this collaboration and CHANEL Skin Expert, Melanie Grant for her wise words and trusted advice.

Shot on location at La Porte Studios