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Christmas Day starts early, with the kids eager to rip some presents open. We hit the beach for a surf and a swim before heading home for a huge mid-morning breakfast...

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There is something incredibly unique and very special about an Aussie Christmas that is, well, really Australian. While most of the world are rugged up drinking eggnog we are stripping down with an icy cold beer in hand….

Christmas here in Oz means summer in every sense of the word.  It is that time of year when our children forge their childhood memories and create traditions that play out before us like an old movie, one that we have watched a million times yet can’t exactly remember. It’s the sound of cicadas rising in chorus as we hit the road driving through the Aussie bush, caravan in tow, head out the window.

It’s also the time when we get to appreciate the people we love the most and that includes this crazy lot, the Blakey family, who featured recently in Sunday Life Magazine sharing what Christmas means to them.

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What do the kids want for Christmas this year?

Eddie (12) wants new skate shoes, a Mick Fanning surfboard, sunglasses, a drone & a ticket to Woodward skate camp in the US.   Mickey (6) wants a remote control race car, a wetsuit, fishing tackle, an easel for painting & sunglasses too and   Minnie (3) wants a bicycle, a bubble blower, a cookie baking kit, some art stuff and sunglasses, too!!


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