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A QANTAS x Captain And The Gypsy Kid Production

When Qantas asked me to make a short film about why I love going home, I could never have imagined how much this would mean to me and my family. I pretty much cry every time I watch the bloody thing as do my brother and sister. When I was workshopping the shot list with Pete from Cape Productions, we decided the film would centre around my father telling his story of why he loves this place so god damn much. Trev, my dad, wasn’t so keen on the idea of being in front of the camera but he gave into his youngest daughter (he will tell you he always does) and spoke simply about the love a man has for his family and the land that has provided a home to us all. Watching my father look back on the memories of his time with us as children and then watching him in the actual moment with mine,  I could hear the heavy weight of profound love in his voice and realised in that moment that I was documenting a love story to be passed down to generations to come.

Happy Father’s Day Dad x

I want to say a big thank you to Peter Rogers from Cape Productions for such beautiful work and fitting in with the family like a champion. And to my mother, who escaped a featured role by being ill but still managed to make us pumpkin scones.

Photographed by Sam Elsom

If you think your home town is on the “must visit” list, you have a chance to tell the story that means just as much to you as this one does to me.  The Qantas My Town Spirit competition is on now, click HERE to find out more.