When Kelly approached me about being the creative consultant for Feather Drum’s first campaign to be launched alongside the website it was an instant yes. She sent me only line drawings at this stage but instantly I could see it. I could see it on my children and I could see it in the store. It wasn’t just another brand in a long list of others, it was a brand I knew mother’s would be asking for.

It was a CRAZY cold day of the shoot and we shot in the very cool but not so warm Wild Things Gallery. Pania and her family warmed things up with their spirited attitudes and Ali the Great Dane chipped in by going to the bathroom on my mates office floor. Sorrrry Leah. The day had that feeling of something creatively real and new in the early stages of something great.

When I asked Kelly how it all came about she shared with me a story that I thought might strike a chord with some of you so she was kind enough to let me share it….

Photographer / Peter Crumpton || Model / Pania

 Kelly’s Story

“At the age of 20 I was told I couldn’t have kids. I submerged myself into my work…as a lawyer in London… and very much lived life as a corporate high-flyer.  Having a family of my own one day was never even on my radar. I guess mentally I didn’t allow it to be.  When I moved to Sydney in 2010, I finally came at peace with myself and found happiness.  My perspective on life was then truly turned on its head when I  discovered, against all the odds, I was pregnant!

A total desire to escape the corporate world and do something more creative quickly ensued and Feather Drum was that creative channel.  Having always loved fashion, in particular French design and just about everything bohemian, I started dreaming of outfits to dress Willow in.  Those thoughts just kept building and growing so I decided to do something about it…despite being a mummah and working part-time as a lawyer in Sydney.

This first collection has been almost 2 years in the making! Eagerly learning about design and the manufacturing process…and at times just wanting to pull my hair out with frustration!  Luckily I’ve had a great deal of help and support around me and have ended up working with some truly fantastic people.

 When the day of the shoot finally came, I was a complete bundle of emotions…very nervous, having never experienced a photo-shoot before and wondering if my clothes were good enough and if people would like them, to sheer excitement and joy at seeing little Pania look so amazing!!!  And thank God we managed to keep Ali the Great Dane in the shots (even though she did pee all over the floor and stink out All That Remains brand new office, oops!!!!)  All the hard work paid off. Seeing these shots made it completely worth it!  I can’t thank you enough Sheree for adding the icing on my cake!

 I’ve decided to name the collection ‘Dream Seeker’, reflecting not only the aesthetic but the inspiration behind the range. I truly believe that if you have a dream and work hard enough towards it, it really can come true.”

Im so proud to introduce you to the Dream Seeker Collection by Feather Drum which is now available online at for ages 0-7years of age with exclusive Boys & Girls capsules coming soon.

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