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A massive apology to Captain Wilde for turning him into a merman baby. Even though this may effect you later in life it made your mother very very happy not to mention your Nana who created these exquisite pieces with love.

Thankyou Sammy for being who you are and Uncle Rory and Aunty Hayley for making days like these fun!!!! Mel your house is nearly as cool as you are. Big call since you have a mermaid lagoon in your front yard!!!!!!

Photograpaher Micheal Naumoff | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford | Mermaid Costume Designer Vicki Wood | Creative Consultant Hayley Bonham | Assistant Photographer Kenyon Batterson
Mermaid mother wears skirt from Dolly Up Vintage Emporium with Ryan Roche cashmere knit from MamaPapa and vintage denim jacket. Merfolk wear tails handmade by Nana.

 For location enquiries contact Mel on 0414241077