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Unintentionally I have fallen into a tradition of visiting the old girl through the different phases of my life. The love affair began back in my early twenties when I lived in LA for a few months of every year. To beat the heavy haze of summer that can quickly turn the morning coolness into a raging desert I would be up with the sun running from Beechwood Canyon up into the hills to say hi. Like the boy in the Giving Tree I didn't come back for some time but when I returned it wasn't alone. I brought Sam and a little baby girl waiting to be born.

Six and half months pregnant I wanted to walk(yep no running this time) that walk of a lifetime ago. I had missed the old girl and wanted Sam to understand my love for this sprawling city. Fast track a few years and it was time to return to see how she was travelling and introduce her to our fast growing tribe. An expedition was in our sights so we packed the essentials, a nappy or two, snacks and water and set out before the sun had time to rise and shine. My very talented friend Kate who just happens to be a photographer was up for the challenge and bravely volunteered her keen eye and patient hand. Not such a fan of early mornings I was thrilled she had signed up to join the team.

Things had changed.......
We curled our way to the old meeting points only to be turned away by very unhappy security guards and angry signs. What had happened? The expedition was in danger of folding but Sam wouldn't have it.  Under the mist of the unpredictable LA fog we couldn't see our way to the old girl so we decided to ride it out over breakfast in one of Kates favourite cafe's, genius.

With our bellies full and hearts determined we went off road following the glimpses of her beauty and the direction of our guts. As in all covert operations we ducked and weaved letting nothing stand in our way until we had completed our mission. And there she was. Her wise old view reaching out to greet us waiting to say hello once again.

Photographer Kate Danson | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford | Location Hollywood
Sugar wears vintage customised denim overalls, Gap shirt and Zara sneakers | Captain wears Osh Kosh Vintage overalls and Saltwater Sandals.
Sam and I both wear vintage american workwear and Valley Eyewear