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Two weeks of crazy in New York City working and juggling family life led to only one conclusion. We needed to get out of the big smoke where the kids could run free, feel the grass under their feet and explore to their hearts content. So we packed up our little abode in Brooklyn and heading to where we knew it would feel a little like home.

The Hampton’s to me is one of those places you think you’ve been to before. Books, film and folklore (Grey Gardens) had created a world in my mind that I had been visiting for years. Needless to say I was excited to finally have my own experience in a place that had I romanced in my dreams.

Montauk was all this and more. For the next five days THE CROW’S NEST INN would be our home. After New York it was if we had been transported to an alternative world, and this was so our world. We arrived on dusk to the soft glow of swaying lights and the murmur of conversation around the outdoor fire. Our room was lakeside and sun stained surrounded by fields and faded decking. Our bed, the biggest I had ever seen, an ocean of goose-down and indigo. We joined the crowd at the restaurant where we made new friends and bumped into old ones. The children barefoot now deliriously tired with happiness and a full stomach.

Looking back I hope the children or at least Sugar will have some memory of this adventure. Time spent with our friends at the local beach, dancing in pj’s till late under the stars, riding horses at a Ranch and searching for pirates and mermaids from the top of a light house. Chasing rabbits with your little brother and experiencing the world with complete happiness and freedom.

Photographer Sam Elsom | Location The Crows Nest Inn, Montauk | Styling and Creative Direction Sheree Commerford
By the water | Sheree wears Spell & The Gypsy Collective playsuit with vintage hat | Sugar wears Isabel Marant shirt and bikini from Mamapapa | Captain rocks his nappy which he thankfully doesn’t anymore
By the fire | Captain wears Ralph Lauren knit and Country Road pyjamas | Sugar wears Ralph Lauren suede jacket and nightdress from CATGK BROCANTE |

Thank you Ollie, Sasha, Jimmy, and Flynnie for all the good times xxxx