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This is all came about because of Sarah Jessica Parker. That Harpers Bazaar cover of her running across Brooklyn Bridge wearing THAT Chanel dress was the deluded inspiration for us walking the bridge. I knew the experience wouldn’t be quite the same with boots, babies and a bunch of tourists but what the heck, this was New York and anything could happen…..

So we set out to show the kids Manhattan from another perspective. One where we could see boats, planes, trains and that city skyline which still takes my breath away. Captain’s mistaken identity of being a girl continued to haunt him by the legions of tourists passing by while Sugar made friends with the NYPD and was given the pink hat she is wearing in the photo’s. She also pointed out that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French and why were people taking pictures of daddy and not America’s great lady? Still till this day we don’t know why. Maybe it was his beard and Akubra or perhaps they thought he was someone else. Either way we will always remember this as the day Dad became more famous then Lady Liberty. At least to us. x

Photographer Sam Elsom | Styling + Creative Sheree Commerford

Sugar wears vintage hat and Osh Kosh overalls | Captain wears pants from Mamapapa with his explorer vest from the American Museum of Natural History | I wear Stella McCartney jeans, vintage blouse and shirt, Double RRL cap and Isabel Marant boots