A QANTAS x Captain And The Gypsy Kid Production

What is it I love about my home town of Yamba? Qantas asked me to share this with you as part of their #MyTownSpirit competition. Amazing, I thought straight away, I love nothing more than going on about how incredible my home town of Yamba is but when I actually stopped and thought about it, there was really only one man for the job and that's my cousin Paul Commerford, aka Cummo. You won't meet a more loved local than Cummo. He is as true blue and down to earth and as the town itself so I called in a family favour and asked him to tell the tale of why our home town of Yamba is so damn special.

Film by Peter Rogers at Cape Productions.

If you think your hometown is on the "must visit" list, you have a chance to tell the story that means just as much to you as this one does to me.  The Qantas My Town Spirit competition is on now, click HERE to find out more.

A big thank you to Paul Commerford for your local love and wisdom. To Jesse Williams from Paradiso Bar and Restaurant,  Angie Williams from Cafe Angourie and Tom Macintosh from Pacific Hotel thank you for allowing us to drop by and visit.

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