Episode #9


This might be shocking to learn but I was never very good at science, in fact it was probably my worst subject in school. So to speak with a scientist in the field of womens health was indeed an education.

Dr Hayley Dickinson has a PHD in reproductive physiology, pregnancy and perinatal health and has worked alongside Melanie Gleeson, the founder and CEO of endota Organics, to create their new, certified organic, mother & baby range, Nurture. 

In this interview we explore the impact of stress on mother and baby before and after the birth and look at knowledge versus nature when it comes to childbirth. Dr Hayley shares her personal journey that left her disillusioned with the world of science and how this took her on a path of self care creating something that she believes needs to be in the hands of every woman who is currently pregnant or about to become pregnant, Nurture.

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