This is not a normal children’s book by any stretch of the imagination. You see in this book lies my family. Things most people will not see but to me as clear as a bright blue day. The words brought to life from Nana’s (Vicki) mesmerising imagination and deep love for her grandchildren and Aunty Kelly’s loyal heart and creative soul. A story so sweet and magical I can see their own memories of their sons and daughters lying in the pages.

I see a love story from a women to her family. A story held in the innocent words of my daughters thoughts and imagination. I see the love of a son for his mother and sister, his dream is that theirs will be realised. I even see a little bit of me and maybe you might too. I see so much of the people I love in this book that I proudly ask you to bring your children’s world to life with the story of Sippy and Sunny. What it’s actually about? I could you tell you about Sippy with the soft pink fur and the roar of gold and silver butterflies or Sunny’s midnight adventures that begin in the clouds and end at the Beach, but I don’t think I will. This treasured book is filled with the most incredible illustrations by renowned artist Bec Winnel is something you will want to hold in your own hands.

 “SIPPY & SUNNY” { A Byron Bay Adventure } SHOP HERE

Illustrations by Bec Winnel

The Album

Mother and daughter duo The Elsoms are the sweet sounds and fun melodies behind the album EUCALYPTUS DREAMING. Produced by Unclebearskinsproductions this album is their way of sharing the characters from “Sippy and Sunny” through music.  Kelly, Toia and Vicki take you on one hell of an adventure that in my personal experience will leave you quite exhausted. I might not be able to carry a tune but I sure can dance and if your family is anything like ours get ready for some unforgettable sing alongs where you cant sit still and cant stop laughing. A highlight of which there is many was watching my children record alongside their cousins, Joel, Charlie and Molly in the studio. It makes for some pretty darn cute vocals. Members of their own tribe of talented musicians called THE FAMILY TREE you can get to know them and Sippy in the video “I love you Sippy”. The first music video from the album EUCALYPTUS DREAMING. Vicki’s dream like imagination and stylised eye draws you into the world of Sippy. Shot in stop motion by photographer Steve Baccon it’s also the perfect way to watch The Elsoms do what they do best, perform.

To celebrate the launch of the book free music download’s from the album EUCALYPTUS DREAMING are available HERE
in both french and english


WATCH  the video  ” I Love You Sippy ” 

The French

” We had just completed recording the english album ‘Eucalyptus Dreaming’ when one morning Mum woke up with one of her crazy ideas, which is a daily event, and said to me ‘why don’t we do the album in French” – HOLD UP….Now I don’t speak french so this truly was a challenge that I was excited to except! We really loved the idea of teaching the little ones in our family french through music and stories ,the result has sparked an interest that has become a passion we all now share”

Words from Kelly


Produced by the three generations of women under the title Uncle Bearskin Productions find out more about project that is Sippy & Sunny by visiting