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Usually in an intro I would sum up as best possible the before, the now and the soon to be, but I think with Teresa Palmer you should definitely Google her. After you’ve read this of course. I mean, it’s really hard to summarise a woman like her. In fact, it should be illegal to even think of Teresa Palmer in small paragraphs. I am unashamedly slightly in love with her, truth be told, and not for the reasons you might think.  The woman is a star and not of the Hollywood variety. Well, let me correct myself, yes, she is a famous Hollywood star, something that most of you know (she’s currently in Australia filming “Ride Like A Girl," the remarkable true story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup along which she stars with Sam Neil and is directed by Rachel Griffith) but that is not what makes Teresa Palmer’s star shine bright.

You see, she is one of us, or one of our friends, or the person we go to that really listens and gives grounding, considered advice. She is the one with oceans of empathy; the one that smiles and says it will be okay. When we arrived to do the shoot, her husband Mark Webber was back in LA working on the pilot for the TV series of LA Confidential (they FaceTimed later and he met the whole crew) and she was doing the mum thing solo. Her mother Paula, who is the sweetest woman you could meet, had volunteered to come along for the day to help out.  A brave move indeed.  If you have ever been on a shoot where both the mother and the kids are all being photographed, you will know it can be…well, hectic. She’s a busy woman, but here Teresa was; with no nanny, no babysitter, no assistant, no partner to lend a helping hand.  Just her capable, unflappable and happy self.

Through fittings, hair and makeup, packing snacks, feeding Forest, putting him to sleep, cuddling and singing with Bodhi, she is non-stop chatting about life. We talk about educational choices for our children. The dream of sending them to the Green School and joining forces to get one up and running it here in Australia. We talk about working in the digital space and creating meaningful and purposeful content. We share inspirational stories of the women we have met and places we want our children to see. We talk about tree houses and fisherman shacks and living the dream life with our feet in the sand. Our conversation runs the gamut from attending the Oscars to our favourite Marvel superhero and all the while she is completely giving to her children and everyone around her. A precursor for the rest of the day to come.



As Australians, we all love a small-town-girl-does-good story and Teresa’s is one of our best, but as women and mothers we connect to her on a completely different level. Another reason I admire her so much is her conviction to be who she is, not giving a damn and breaking Hollywood stereotypes by becoming a self confessed mummy blogger which has allowed her to build and connect to a community that gives her a deep spiritual connection to the thing that matters most, being a mother.

Through her website Your Zen Life and Your Zen Mama, which she started with good friend and fellow actress Sarah Wright Olsen, Teresa has become somewhat of an unexpected new age guru in the world of well-being and conscious parenting. Kind of like Goop - let it be noted I love Goop and GP - but without the shininess of celebrity, corporate funding, commercialism and global domination. So whether you know Teresa Palmer as a Hollywood actress, earth mother, producer, mummy blogger, wellness coach, best friend, feminist or environmental activist, first and foremost you should know she is one of us. A woman who is trying to make things right with the world while raising her children to be kind, compassionate and thoughtful individuals. A woman not pretending to be perfect and showing us, that by sharing this, we can all become a better version of ourselves.

So in celebration of Mother’s Day and the greatest job in the world, I hope you love these images of Teresa with her two loves, Bodhi and Forest in a place she would always rather be, outside and amongst nature.

Sheree xxx


Dior dress and boots from Cruise Collection 2018 | Kara Rosenlund scarf | Forest dressed by Mamapapa


Chanel skirt and necklace from the SS18 RTW Collection | RM Williams boots | Jumper from Mamapapa | Bodhi and Forest are dressed by Mamapapa


Journal entry by Teresa Palmer

Hire a camper van.

Pack up the kids, your dogs, get some lollies and start cruisin’ down the Great Ocean Road…
Blow off your afternoon meeting, get the kids from school early and find a place in nature that speaks to you.

Say YES to stepping outside your comfort zone.

Life has gotten so busy. It is full of routines, activities, meetings, plans, lunch dates and school responsibilities; we easily forget how wonderfully recharging nature can be.

When I was a child, we were free to create our own adventures, often outdoors, running around like crazy little people and getting into all sorts of harmless mischief. These days it seems that as parents, we seem to want to schedule our children’s plates to the brim. Sometimes this need to do it all means we aren’t able to just be.

Studies have long proven the benefits of spending time outdoors. According to the Attention Restoration Theory (ART) there are two attention systems, ‘directed’ and ‘soft fascination’. ‘Directed’ focus is challenging on our brains and requires increased concentration, ignoring outside distractions. This kind of attention causes mental fatigue. In natural environments we practice ‘soft fascination’, with no distractions and no need for focus, it allows us to have contemplative softness, being observant without any overthought. It’s easy for us to be in this gentle reflective headspace and actually lowers levels of stress and increases alertness.

To simply be outside and spend a day with our family in nature is a perfect way to reconnect with each other and align with what’s important. Whether it’s taking a hike, climbing trees with the kids or packing a picnic and soaking up the sun in the botanical gardens, it is time to reacquaint with nature. Breathe in the fresh air and allow the kids to run without boundaries, exploring trails and throwing rocks in water, splashing in puddles and chasing each other through the grass. 

Spending time with Mother Earth is completely recharging to the soul. I LOVE feeling close to nature, it’s why I’ve stopped eating animals. The closer I get to nature the more I understand my connection to all living things. I have developed a deep sense of belonging to this earth and commit myself to doing all I can to protect it.

Whilst living off grid in the middle of nowhere sounds utterly appealing at times, it isn’t a reality for 99% of us. But spending those sporadic lazy days in the sun, grounded to this earth with nothing but our imaginations and thoughts is a high that we can all make time for.

Teresa x



Teresa wears vintage gown from Dolly Up Vintage Emporium | Dior cardigan and straw hat from the 2018 Cruise Collection | Bohdi and Forest dressed by Mamapapa


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 Dolly Up Vintage   |  Mamapapa  |  RM Williams  |  Kara Rosenlund


Photographer Sam Elsom | Stylist + Director Sheree Commerford | Makeup Teneille Sorgiovanni | Hair by UVA Salon by ghd | Assistant Stylist Bronte Howard

Beauty was sponsored by endota spa with Teneille using endota spa COLOUR range  

Photographed on location at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

CATGK stayed at The Prince Hotel while in Melbourne and got from A to B in our trusty location van from Mercedes Benz Melbourne Vans