There was no way they would go for it. A crazy concept for the launch of The Beach People’s new collection of round towels. Guerrilla style photography shooting portraits in the south of France with a team that they hadn’t met or worked with before. Location unknown, team not confirmed, talent pending.

My mind was instantly full of European summers in the South. Imagery of the famed roundie towel gracing the shoulders and behinds of elegant French women, older and over suntanned men, designer encrusted grandma’s and brown as a berry bambinos.

Needless to say they did go for it and looking back I shouldn’t have been surprised. Emma and Victoria had made their mark by being adventurous, taking chances and not doing things by the book. This, to my delight was a very Beach People kind of thing.

Now as I stood the morning of with the daunting task of approaching complete strangers with a very embarrassing limited French vocabulary as my only tool of persuasion I started to sweat a little. Mike and I stood staring at the back of a super yacht with the suspicious eyes of staff upon us and I could feel Mikes thoughts boring through me. You better pull this off Commerford I didnt come to St Tropez for a tan.

Well, a tan he did get and some amazing photos to boot. I hope you enjoy this campaign as much as Mike and I had creating it. A big thankyou to all the lovely people that played a role. It defiantly forced me out of my comfort zone and I was rewarded for it. Meeting locals and those who migrate to the South I learn’t a little each about of them and the beach culture of their Summers. Some I will stay in touch with and others perhaps meet again.

Photographer Michael Namouff | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford

To Emma and Victoria thankyou for giving me the chance to work with you both. It has been an honor and a delight.


You are invited to the exhibition opening on Thursday 23rd october 2014, 5pm-8pm at the Atlantic Byron Bay hosted by Sybil Steele in conjunction with the BIKINI BIRD pop up shop.

The COTE D’AZUR exhibition will be open daily from 10am-5pm at the Atlantic Byron Bay during the Byron Bay Surf Festival from the 23rd-27th October.

A selection from the above images will be featured and available for purchase framed and as prints from the gallery.  Please contact THE BEACH PEOPLE for any enquiries.