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Ronnie, Eddie Eagle and Mickey Fox Blakey

The Rondog is my neighbour and true man friend. Our friendship has seen broken hearts, big loves, babies born, houses built and business come and go. We have travelled, celebrated, laughed and lived together. He is a man’s man with a crippling capacity for loving his family and friends. Despite his fanatical obsession with Fox Sport, golf, surfing, football and fishing Ron gets  life. He gets what happiness is and what living is for. He gets that watching Friday Night Lights till dawn is worth being strung out for and he gets that sometimes all you need is a smile to get you on your way. He just gets it.

Photographer Brooke Coffey | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford | Film Guy Ronnie Blakey

Ronnie wears Quiksilver board shorts, Bassike Tee and Matuse vest//Eddie also sports Quiksilver boardies with an American Apparel tee, Adidas sneakers and O’Neil wetsuit//Little Mickeys kicks are Jeremy Scott for Adidas worn with tourist tee, nappy and O’Neil wetsuit.
Both Ed and Ron ride Chilli boards. Viking Helmut covers by Kuvvers
Who better thAn the Mrs to write a few words about the Rondog. One Teaspoon founder and Lveland dreamer Jamie Blakey………


Status-Dad to Eddie Eagle, Mickey Fox & Minnie Tiger Husband to Me.

Next life-Adam Scott x Adrian Grenere

 Past life-Rex Hunt x Micheal Hutchence
Style-The Rondog.  His style is completely unhipster.  I think I’d vomit if I saw him in some pulled up cropped skinny leg drop crutch jeans, boat shoes, bow tie and a fitted buttoned up vintage denim jacket.  YUK.  Eddie boy:  Eddie does “The Tourist in Miami look” really well.  Fluoro tees and retro boardies.  The Fox:  Mickey is all about an oversized tee, huggies and some sick sneakers.
 Talent-He has so many its crazy.  Public Speaking…. I don’t think we’ve ever been to a wedding where he hasn’t been the MC.  He can impersonate just about anyone.  Annnnnnd….… He has an extra talent that his whole family seems to have, which is recalling one liners in any movie.

Smarts-His ability to recall sports results is ridiculous!

Real Deal-He’s the ultimate charmer funny nice guy kinda guy.

One Word-FoxSports

 Warning-One must be prepared for public humiliation because he will call you out almost immediately!!

Right Now-FoxSports

Big love to the beautiful and talented Brooke Coffey for capturing on film the Blakey boys being themselves in their hood while home on a quick break from New York. Also to the clever Ronnie Blakey for the film of Eddie ruling and making things look magic.

me xx