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Donavon, Petra, Hendrix and Ozzy Frankenreiter.
The day of the shoot was pretty much what I call perfect working conditions. For the first time one of my sets had become a spectator sport. My lovely lady loves had decided to perch themselves on some very comfortable looking bean bags, wine in hand and offer running commentary. There were children running all over the shop and a bunch of locals and well-known creatives had decided to drop in to see what all the paint was about. Normally this scenario might have been a tad overwhelming when trying to art direct, prop and style a family of four but I LOVED very minute of it. Maybe it was the familiar sound of friends voice’s who I don’t hear often enough, or working with my uber clever and long time mate Steve Baccon. Maybe it was just ol Byron Bay working her magic or possibly it was the wine I had been handed. One thing’s for sure, I was a lucky lady to be standing in front of this family. Lucky to be allowed to create for them memories and lucky for the ones they were giving me.
I am always inspired by the families I spend time with. By the way they parent, how they live, who they are, what they create and teach. Petra and Donavon are no exception. In fact they were the perfect reminder to remember something I sometimes sadly forget. To love being in love.
Here’s to a great modern day romance.
Photographer Steve Baccon | Hair + Makeup Ashlea Penfold | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford | Location Atlantic Byron Bay
Petra | Dressed by Island Luxe, Byron Bay
Donavon | Wears Billabong, Sanuk shoes, Bromley Denim Jeans by David Bromely, Von Zipper sunglasses and hats by Fallen Broken Street.
Ozzy | Rocks home-made flares by Petra, Billabong tee, JCrew denim shirt, hat by Fallen Broken Street and denim shorts from Tiny People.
Hendrix | In Billabong tee, JCrew blazer, vintage Hawaiian shirt, Gap denim jeans, hat by Fallen Broken Street.
Donavon talks Petra………

married-mom-wife-lover-sexy-amazing-inspiring-my sunshine-and best friend

smooth-clean-sexy-modern hippie-tight-but also loose fitting when she wants

Next Life
I will be her and she will be me so will both know what fuck we are talking about

Past Life
Doing what we are now just with a horse and carriage out on the open plains.

Knowing tomorrows fashions today-amazing interior designer-an amazing vision for complex simplicity

The whole family looks to her for the answers, whether she knows it or not, she’s knows it. Also she’s the only one in the family with a college degree.

Real Deal
Never compromises, always cares about what she is doing, she wont do it if it’s not done right. A women of her word .

One Word

Don’t ever do her laundry or at least not me, I seem to ruin everything I wash.

Right Now
In Hawaii beach day-then to the Barn-looking for new products-re stocking-re ordering-and drinking champagne while holding down the fort taking care of our 2 boys and the dog.

I am so humbled and honoured to call this women my wife and friend and lover, I would not be or have anything if it was not for her. She has blessed me with the greatest gift in this world my two boys and she has taught me about life itself ,and what it means to do what you love and never stop chasing your dreams no matter how big or small. I love every moment with her and the boys from being together as a family doing what we do ,or missing them so much that it hurts. She is what keeps us together even when we are apart.

Next week in the second instalment of The Frankenreiter’s Petra talks about love and life with her surfer, musician and artist husband Donavon Frankenreiter.

Thank-you beautiful Kelly for the company and extra hands, loved. Kim none of this would have happened without you, thank you for sharing your world and your home so generously.