We were writing our Christmas lists with the kids the other day and I wrote one as well. Jotted down something without really even realising what I wrote. When it came round to reading them out loud my husband looked at me funny. I had written three things. Sleeping, swimming, family. He asked me if he actually gave me these gifts would I get mad and I realised without even thinking about it that this was truly what I wanted. The gift of time. The time to do the things that give me balance. That nurture me.

Since joining the endota family, self-care is something I am only just starting to really understand. That wellness is essential for me to be my best self. I want my children to have the best of everything and that includes me. So with the crazy of Christmas in full swing I thought I would create my own little endota spa here at home. My own haven where I explore ways to give the gift of time to myself and to those I love these holidays.


endota spa New Age    |   Ageing Consciously

With Christmas comes my birthday and the older I get the more I think about what this means to me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in minimising this process which is good timing because endota have recently launched a revolutionary skincare range to help you recognise that regardless of how old you are; your best age is now. The entire New Age range will be available from the 20th December in all spas and online.


My Favourites

AHA Renewal Cleansing Gel    I like no fuss when it comes to cleansing. If it doesn’t happen in the shower then it’s not happening. This is a deliciously light and smooth cleanser that feels fresh.

Collagen Power Serum    This is my twice daily dose of wrinkle repair. Let’s be honest in your forties we need something with a little kick, and this sure has some.

Triple Defence Eye Cream    I have had always had dark rings under my eyes, now made only deeper with the little folk. A mix of muscle relaxing peptides, vitamin E and caffeine actually stops it from getting worse while repairing ground control.

High Performance Lifting Mask    These are magic. They Sculpt, lift and give ultra hydration. My perfect fix before a special event or a long haul flight.


Spa Gift Cards  |  Disconnect and Reconnect

The ultimate gift of time. Escaping to a haven where you get dedicated time to disconnect to reconnect is a wonderful thing.

My Top Three

New Age Light Therapy Facial    Otherwise known as LED this is my go-to facial. A non invasive skin renewal treatment that really brings back what time is taking…collagen my friends and gravity.

The Freedom    This Gift Card gives you the freedom to choose whatever treatment or combination of treatments you like, creating a spa experience that suits individual preferences.

Surrender Spa Package   One word…….Surrender.


Gift Packs  |  Merry Christmas

endota spa would love to offer 10% off all gift packs just use the code #giftoftime at the checkout at

10% off code valid online only. Valid on all endota spa Gift Packs online. Code available until 25 of December 2017.

And if you’re looking for a gift suggestion check out the Signature Hand Duo. This never leaves my bathroom. Signature hand wash and hand cream packaged in beautiful illustrations designed in collaboration with artists from Marnin Studio, supporting indigenous women and families.


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Photographer Sam Elsom | Photographer Assistant Kenyon Batterson |       H+M Kate McGregor

Safari Chair from Dunlin Home | Sheree wears Bassike, specs by Caddis | Christmas Decorations and Stools by Mamapapa | Flowers from Haven and Sarah | Blankets and cushion by Pony Rider | Hammock from The Boathouse |  Cubby/Cabin by Castle and Cubby