It’s not hard to see why we are fascinated with the life of Lindy Klim. As I write this I just realised Lindy is the first real princess I have ever met. Wait till I share this with Sugar, she is going to FLIPOUT! So yes, she is a Balinese princess which I would say is pretty fascinating. Married to Micheal Klim, one of Australia’s most loved Olympic swimming champs, yep that’s also pretty interesting. Her family live a life between the beauty and calm of Bali and the excitement and bustle of Melbourne, intriguing I would say. She is the director, blogger, model and lifestyle commentator to a captivated audience and then there is Milk & Co. The skincare company created by Micheal, Lindy and their three children Stella, Rocco and Frankie which is pretty much all the good stuff that you need for the entire family. No fuss just simple and straight forward healthy living.

 The thing that I found most fascinating of all was that despite all the fascination around them, Micheal and Lindy are incredibly lovely people who are down to earth and easy going. They have a beautiful family dynamic which I was instantly drawn too and they posses what I call “mates qualities,”. You know, the qualities that are mandatory to become mates. Not that Im digging for an invite to dinner (so what if I am) all Im saying that it was a nice surprise to know that they are like most parents. Completely committed to family life, juggling work and friends, trying to maintain some sense of self and doing it with joy and NO FUSS.

Photographer Steve Baccon | Creative + Styling Sheree Commerford
Clothes by WITCHERY

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