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You would think the Editor-In-Chief of Elle magazine would find it hard to fit into her schedule a shoot that turned her office into a studio and involved her three boys running wild. In true Justine style she effortlessly makes it happen turning it into fun.

Photographer/Micheal Naumoff

Justine wears UNIF.M studios leather skirt, W By WINSTONWOLFE fur and Manning Cartell Heels. Iggy and Milo wear all Scotch Shrunk with Converse sneakers while baby Scout is in Huggies x

 Words by by Zoë Foster Blake, author, editor of, professional wind-surfer and friend for life.

 Status– Fun Lieutenant of/incredible mother to Milo, Iggy and Scout, wife of Moe, Editor of Elle magazine, gigababe, exceptional guardian of friendship, owner of perfect hair, High Priestess of The Zeitgeist.

Style – Loose over tight. Polished but never uptight. Colours lose to black and white. Nutella over Vegemite.

Past life – Arrogant, award-winning pastry chef.

Next life – Creator of the next Pinterest. Or Thermomix sales rep. Or Jenna Lyons.

Talent – Has so, SO much of it, but genuinely doesn’t seem to notice. This should inspire tremendous envy, but in Juz’s case it only enhances her allure.

Smarts – Knows something about everything. Knows the book to read, which hotel to stay in Mexico, which linen to buy, which obscure fashion blog to follow, the right shoes to wear, who to listen to and watch, what to eat now, what is completely shit, how to make homemade stuff that is infinitely better than shop-bought, and what is required to produce the zenith of children’s birthday parties.

Real Deal – She ‘Juz’ does it. (Sorry.) Anything is achievable, putting in extraordinary effort is second nature, and fun is always the goal. It’s disgusting, frankly.

One Word – Superwoman… because Juz despises the term and this will deeply annoy her. However, as Dionne Warwick once sagely pointed out, that’s what friends are for.

Warning – Don’t try to out-gift.

Right Now – Thinking of her next meal

Thank you my friend for your precious time. I LOVED this afternoon with you and the boys. A big thank you to the Elle team for letting me turn the office upside down and a shout-out to the beautiful Zoë Foster Blake for her clever and insightful words to a women worth reading about.