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 To break it down for you there are four sisters. First there is the beautiful Elizabeth. Seven months pregnant and mother to eighteen month old Indiana she is the mother of the group. Organising her flock she has a strength that is delivered with a gentle kindness and I get the impression someone you could always rely on. Then there are the twins Luciana and Isabella. Two leggy bronzed blondes that had me slightly confused when meeting them both on different occasions. It didn’t take long to figure out who was who. Isabella who with Lizzie owns Spell and has two children, Texas three and Jagger six months. She has a warmth and calmness that carries through her beautiful smile, a free spirit. Right from the start it felt like we were friends from another life. Aunty Luciana is a talented makeup artist and sometimes mermaid who is utterly devoted to her nephews and soon to be niece. Watching her with them you know they have a special bond that goes beyond the normal. The fourth is Dahli who lives in Melbourne, mother to Freiya nine and Quincy six months who even though I haven’t met I know she would be someone I would like too. Being able to shoot the three together was a rare but special insight into sisterhood. It made me appreciate the one I have with my sister Julene and my beautiful friends.

You know that saying it takes a village to raise a child? Being with the girls was like joining a tribe. A tight family unit of women supporting and protecting one another as they raise children, build careers and embrace life. The day of the shoot was a mad house of babies, women, clothes.

Photographer Sybil Steele | Creative Direction +Styling Sheree Commerford | Hair+Makeup Luciana Rose | Hair+Makeup Assistant Ava Belle | Assistants Lily Reed+Mae Hanna
Elizabeth, Isabella and Luciana wear their own collection from Spell & The Gypsy Collective with pieces from their vintage archives and Sara Phoenix vintage
Texas wears Duke Of London pants, baby Jagger wears BandiKoot bloomers and Indiana wears his own nappy.

Big love to my sweet Sybil. A pocket rocket with stylish behaviour and a mean eye behind the lens. Another strong women who inspires me to aim for great things. Thank you for your time and talent. Cannot wait to get your shoot up, stay tuned folks.

Also thank you to Amanda from Byron Bowerbird for lending us your beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket.