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Leah is a superhero. She does fly. Like Wendy from Peter Pan she soars through life not doubting that she can. It’s not ego that keeps her afloat but a ferocious love for life and one little man called Ryder.Most people know Leah from The Dollhouse. A musical collaboration between herself and DJ counterpart, Alice Q  specialising in performing at high-end events, bespoke audio curation and production. What most people do not know is that she has DJ’d in some of the worlds biggest clubs, has had her own record label, was a lead singer in the electro band Modelizer and co-founded the all-female DJ group Chicks On Deck. Did I forget to mention she is a Pilates instructor?

Leah came into my life when I needed her the most. I had come out of a long term relationship that left me living a life I did not know. All the things and people around me that I knew well were at times too familiar while everything that was new and foreign felt surreal and strange. Leah was my bridge. She was someone I didn’t know but whom I felt I had known my whole life. She was the beginning of my new life and I will always love her for that. 

Her style is very much her personality. Inarguably strong and sexy in a very designer way. She is independent, courageous and brave but also just a girl, standing in front of  a boy, asking him to love her. I do believe I just quoted Julia Roberts from Notting Hill. What I’m really trying to say is don’t be intimidated by this stunning creature and her fierce style. She is one of us. A mother who I deeply respect, working hard for her family while teaching her son that life is for living and having fun is paramount. She is a girls girl. Solid to the very end and devoted to her friendships. She is also extremely funny with a laugh that is completely intoxicating. Thats the perfect way to describe her, intoxicating.

Then there’s Josh, Ryder’s dad and Leah’s ex. The two are best friends which is evident on the day of the shoot. Not only did Josh take the photos but he also allowed us to shoot in his home. A stunning warehouse conversion that has been eclectically designed and built by Josh under his award winning design company Taughtbyblack. A photographer with a love for interiors, art and design not to mention a slight obsession with motorcross it’s impossible not to love Josh. The first thing you notice when you walk into the adeptly named Campfuntime is his devotion to Ryder. The space is like a father and son theme park. Matching motorcross bikes and surfboards, a jumping castle, pushbikes, an art room and Ryder’s bedroom is more secret hideaway then a place to sleep.

You guys are my superhero family x

Photographer Josh Clapp | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford
Leah // Willow bodysuit, Dion Lee neck piece, Isabel Marant boots with motocross pants from Transmoto / Aje sequinned black pants with vintage tee, Alaia boots and BLK DNM leather jacket / Vintage tee and Stella McCartney jeans.

Ryder was dressed as a superhero……..all day.