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Lets get the obvious facts out of the way first.

1. The Tozzi women are genetically blessed.

2. Yvonne is the mother, Tahnya is the older sister(in white) and Cheyanne the younger.

3. Cheyanne is a singer/songwriter/model. The band is Van Hoorn and they are really and I mean really good. Watch this space. She is currently starring alongside Naomi Campbell in FOX8 new show The Face

4. Tahyna lives in LA and is an actress/writer. She is co-founder of the production company Wood Cabin Pictures with Theresa Palmer and is about to marry Tristan McManus a dancer from Dancing With The Stars.

5. Yvonne is the mum, the matriarch. A supermodel from the late seventies she has worked with Azzedine Alaia, Emmanuel Ungaro and Cacharel to name a few.

6. The girls are Dutch/Italian.

Some facts that you might not know………

1. They are a fiercely tight family unit of love, strength and support.

2. When your with them you feel like you have joined a very large European family. For instance when I walked in the other day there was Opa(Dutch for Grandpa) watching TV. Further down the way is Oma(Dutch for Grandma)who is with her old mate Myra on the back deck having a ciggie and a short black(very European). Sun-baking by the pool are cousins Rochelle and Savanna from Barcelona here for the wedding. Walking around not looking European is a short English guy who I later find out is the guitarist from Adam and the Ants, an old family friend here on holidays. Someone is speaking Dutch, someone else is speaking Italian and someone is yelling for Cezanne the dog. Tahyna has rushed off to meet the Irish, her new in-laws who have just flown in from Ireland and are coming to dinner for the first time to meet the Tozzi’s. Did I say I LOVE being around this family?

3. Both the girls are national Australian champions in Black Belt. Seriously.

4. If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take two things you would take Yvonne and a bottle of wine. She tells the BEST stories.

5. I would classify them as a triple threat. Beauty, brains and real real funny.

6.They are good folk, plain and simple. Hardworking, kind and generous. I feel lucky to have them as friends.

Photographer/Steve Baccon
Cheyanne Wears//One Teaspoon Denim Shorts/Levis Shirt/Rayban Sunglasses/Haut Boheme Ankle Cuffs
Tahyna Wears//One Teaspoon Denim Shorts/Ralph Lauren Shirt/Pendleton Beach Towel from the Collector Store
Yvonne Wears//Jac+Jack Shirt/Vintage Levi Jeans/Pendleton Blanket from the Collector Store
Cezanne The Dog Wears//Own Collar