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Our friendship started in one country, blossomed in another and became certified in a third. No matter the continent one thing I know for sure is that Sybil will always wander in and out of my life. Or should I say rock in and rock out of my life. The kid can’t help but do and give. I could ask her to do a shoot horses upside down at the bottom of the ocean and she would be like, sure let’s do it. It’s in fact ASTOUNDING because while she is shooting those horses upside down at the bottom of the ocean she would also be organising one of Taylor’s projects, getting the kids homework done, producing a charity event and helping one of her million nomadic friends find a house to rent in a city she doesn’t live in. To top it off she would be saying it with a calm soft smile in her gentle sweet voice. She is a seeker of life, of creative fulfilment and plain old fashion fun. There is nothing better to be swept up in her impish moods that take you on a wild ride of footloose and fancy free female bonding. You never know when your next encounter will be but but you sure know it’s going to be good. x

Photographer David Hauserman | Creative Direction + Styling Sheree Commerford | Hair Wesley Mitton | Everybody’s assistant and all round nice guy Pete Rogers
Landrover//Sybil wears Aje white dress with vintage denim shirt and All Saints biker boots. Jaiden wears One Teaspoon vintage Van Halen tee with a Tutu Dumonde skirt while Milla sports Eddie Eagles denim shirt and Tutu Dumonde sequinned pants. Both girls wear American Apparel socks and Converse sneakers.
Field//Sybil wears Femme Darmes lace dress with Maison Martin Margiela bunny ears. Jaiden wears adapted dress as skirt with One Teaspoon Kenny Rogers vintage tee and Wildfox love heart sunglasses. Milla wears tutu shorts from Tutu Dumonde and vintage Rolling Stones Tee from One Teaspoon.


Words by the very clever and very sweet Taylor Steele. Possibly known as husband to Sybil, father of Jaiden and Milla and one of surfings most influential creatives.

Status – Mum to Jaiden and Milla, wife and jet setting creative.

 Next Life – Sybil Steele

Past Life – Cleopatra x Lucy Liu

Smarts –  Too smart for her own good

Real Deal – Best friend to many. Always has time for her friends no matter where they are in the world

One Word – Love

 Warning – Tequila shots ( Think of the girl from Indiana Jones )

Right Now – Editing a short film and fashion shoot, dishes and dance off with kids

Taylor on Sybil – I fall more in love with her everyday. She intimidates me with her beauty and brains. I don’t know anyone as capable of running our crazy world and she does it with endless style. Yet it’s not all about work she lives life like there is no tomorrow. It keeps her young. Just don’t show up at our house on Monday when it’s the day to organise and clean. Your head will roll.

Special thanks to Glen Casey for lending his defender. Just so you know that thing is a BEAST to drive. Taylor I have a slight crush on your ThrillsCo Honda cb500. Thank you for your patience. David it was so great to work with you. Thank you for these wonderful shots. Pete you are a legend. Sybil, Milla and Jaiden I loved every second in the girls club.