Blundstone, Timberland, Stella McCartney, Minnetonka Moccasins, Vintage 

This post is all about making the most of what you’ve got. A few helpful hints on taking what you already have and making it really work for you. Zero to hero if you know what I mean. Sugar has three essential staples that can turn any outfit into a statement.

1. Boots-Add a boyish pair of boots to ANY outfit and it will look awesome. Try it and see. Especially with a girly piece it will add some edge. Sugar is currently kicking around in Blundstone, Timberland and All Saint Boots.

2. Statement Jacket-This is a must, mums included. I purchased Sugar’s Ralph Lauren blazer before she was born and have no regrets. When she isn’t wearing it, it hangs on her wall. We look at it everyday so totally worth every penny. The same goes with her Stella McCartney Sgt Pepper jacket. Team with anything and it will look crazy cool.  Saving it for a special occasion is WRONG. The more casual they wear it the cuter it looks.

3. Accessories. The world is your oyster with this. So it’s not too overwhelming start with simple items that don’t consume the outfit or make it too tricky for your kid to walk. You all know what I’m talking about. Keep an eye out for coin purses around the neck, homemade scarves(thanks Nana) and interesting headbands. Inexpensive game-changers I call them.

Let me know if this actually helped anyone x