What the heck? Cleansing in Winter? What for? Nobody is going to see where the sun don't shine until the sun actually shines if you know what I mean. Ohhhhhhh wait on a minute, cleanse doesn't actually mean no food, it means eating food that gives your system time to adjust to the new season.....oh I see.....

Normally a cleanse in the Summer months means juice after juice after juice and don't get me wrong, I'm all for it. I love it but I do struggle by the fourth day. Hungry, cranky and not even interested in the juice at all. I feel great at the end but I don't enjoy it at the beginning so when I heard the whispering about this new Winter cleanse I was a littl hohum but also curious. I had never heard of a cleanse in the colder months. Food is all I think about in Winter so the thought of giving that up makes me feel a little light headed that was until I jumped on Prodjuice and saw it inluded yummy soups, chia pudding for breakfast and a cosy warm almond milk after dinner drink I was, well, actually hungry.

What is Prodjuice all about?

Prodjuice sprouted on Sydney's Northern Beaches in 2013.
 Our ethos is simple. We want to bring you a high quality product, good for your health & good for the environment. Our juice, tonics & soups are all hand made in small batches, each batch tasted & checked, then bottled lovingly by hand. We use organic ingredients & aim to create simple, nourishing products that are nothing but simply good for your health.
 We believe in creating as little waste as possible. All our fruit & vegetable scraps are taken to our compost garden where they are either composted or added to our worm farms. We donate a lot of our compost to local community gardens, and also have some available at our market stalls. Composting the scraps means our process is virtually waste free.
 Glass bottles are very important to us. We use them for two reasons, your health & the health of our environment. We encourage our customers to reuse their bottles at home, but we're also happy to take them back. We reuse them, once washed & sterilised. Another simple way we like to help the world we live in. 
So what is actually in the Winter Cleanse?

To welcome the shorter days, cooler nights & work with the shift in seasons, your Winter Cleanse begins.
One, three or five days of carefully curated goods combining organic, warming whole foods & the principles of food as medicine.
Designed to support the immune system, heal the gut & allow a gentle clearing to take place.
You’ll welcome Winter in true wellness.

Each day contains….

Immune shot: Cold pressed organic lemon ginger garlic raw honey & oil of oregano

Warm coconut & chia pudding: Chia seeds, coconut milk, raspberries, vanilla, coconut flakes.

Green juice: Cold pressed kale spinach celery cucumber parsley lemon ginger

Spicy chicken bone broth: organic chicken bones, seasonal veggies, ginger, garlic, chilli, lemongrass, herbs, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar.

 Reishi mushroom broth: Seasonal mushrooms, reishi mushroom powder, leeks, onions, thyme, salt & pepper

Turmeric tonic: Cold pressed turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne & black pepper & filtered water.

Vedic mung dahl & kale soup: Mung dahl, kale, silver beet, lemon, garlic, coconut oil, spices, salt, lemon, coriander.

Golden ashwagandha almond milk: Activated almonds, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, vanilla, cinnamon & filtered water.

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