Renya, Paul and Aiden Xydis

Renya is Peter Pan. Simple as that. Ive known her for twenty years and I tell you, there is only one of us getting weathered and it’s not her. The women does not age, in fact she is getting better. I have a few theories on why this is….. Most of us know her as the face of Valonz and the styling genius that Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman have on speed dial. What most of us don’t know is her undeniable gift to mother. Not just to her sons Aiden and Paul, but to her work colleagues, friends and clients. When you meet Renya one thing becomes instantly clear. She has passion. Bucketloads. For her craft, for her business and most of all her family and friends. Combined with her limitless creative energy she is pocket rocket electric. It’s the only way I can describe her force field, electric. Always buzzing, completely alive. My theory stands that the love for what she does and the life she has worked so hard to create is her elixir of life and the twinkle in her eye. Which brings me to the other half of this story, Jim. Business partner, husband and father to Aiden and Paul. A man I might add who has serious, serious style that I have always quietly admired. Together over the last thirty years that have built the brand Valonz. A stable of iconic hairdressing salons and styling creatives that are internationally recognised for their directive in the global fashion community and for their discreet yet high profile clientele. Somewhere in the middle of all this they have raised two young men, gentle in nature but quietly confident with who they are and what they stand for. I don’t know Paul or Aiden that well but their reluctance to be fussed over and focused on was endearing and their respect for their mother admirable.

Photographer Steven Chee | Creative + Styling Sheree Commerford
Renya wears Zhivago black dress with Tom Ford Heels + Constantina The Label sequined dress | Aiden wears suit from The Black Label At Belance + Asos tee and Neuw jeans | Paul wears Adidas sweats, Nikes and General Pants tee + Levi’s 

Aiden and Paul talk about their mum……

Image creator, dynamic business mind, fighter for creativity, Greek mother, loyal & proud wife, joyous bird, and risk taker.

An eclectic mish mash of all things cool, a sucker for a shoe, playful with colour & pulls it all together with chic & class

Next Life

To make people look….. simply beautiful

The ability to always see the greatness in any opportunity yet immediately let go of one that serves no greater purpose nor reward for herself & those around her

Real Deal
Renya does not sugar coat it. If she’s in she is 150% in – if she’s out….. Forget about it….

One Word
Cheeky – it’s what is always said about her, she is so cheeky in how she can just wrap anyone around her little finger.

Once bitten twice shy… she will give you the world and more but if you don’t respect her or anyone she cares for she takes a step back.

 Right Now
A whirlwind of energy – She is always so busy, we watch her go above and beyond for everyone. Up at 5am for her job back at 10pm sometimes 7 days a week – she is high energy and we admire that.

A big thank you to Renya, Jim, Paul and Aiden for letting us disturb the peace. I left your beautiful home wanting to be Greek. Steven, it won’t be as good as her moussaka but you cant blame a girl for trying. Thank you for your time and talent.