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Ozzie and Rocky River Wright

Status-Father of a Rocky River, lover of Mylee Grace, greaser with the Goons of Doom, Sunshine Poet with Mylee and the Milkshakes, slayer of ocean waves, painter of anti bad vibes.

Style-Imagine a rainbow shattering and falling from the sky and then being put back together by New York Street kids. Sounds impossible but that’s what Ozzie pulls off. Everything works regardless of how fantastic and ridiculous it might sound.

Past life-Unicorn that shoots lasers from the eyes at flesh eating zombie bankers.

Next life-Dancing skeleton.

Talent-Makes a mean banana chocolate cake but his true talent is being able to translate his tweaked out wonderful perception of the world through art, smiles, vibes and swell riding.

Smarts-Owns a house on a hill overlooking a beach in Sydney without ever having punched a clock in his life. Freedom is his job and he’s always employee of the month.

Real Deal – People feel the magic when they hang with O Wright and O Wrong.

One Word-Spinningchimp.

Warning-Do not feed after midnight.

Right Now-Two albums, a thousand tunnels and a new baby girl on the way!

Words by Adam Blakey, editor of Surfing World Magazine and fellow Goon.

Oz wears-Volcom Shirt and Jeans/Jacket, hat and headband all Vintage.
Rocky wears-Volcom Pants/Bones and Harmony Tee/Customised Vintage Denim Jacket by Ozzie/Vintage Shirt.
Big love to Oz, Mylee and Rocky for a great day, a great cuppa and crazy good banana cake.