Hanalei, Rome, Raphaele and Olivier Reponty

Tahitian raised, French born, living in Australia, based in California........yep the life of an island nomad is that of model and surfer Hanalei Repontity. Before this shoot I only knew her from her work. Her beauty isn't typical. Her look can be strong, powerful and then at other times serene, mermaidic. The hair, the body, her ability to surf, it's an unusual combination and extremely intoxicating. To my delight she turns out to be quiet a special person too which I was soon to discover had a allot to do with her family and upbringing.

Olivier and Rapheal were looking for an island life.  The goal was to create a world for their son Rome and daughter Hanalei where they would be raised with a love for surfing, a respect for the ocean and a connection to the planet.  So they left the south of France for paradise life in Tahiti where Raph says surfing, giving and sharing was the key to their integration. Connected to the Polynesian people it was hard for them to say goodby some twenty years later but in order to stay a family unit and give their then teenage children the best that they could the island had to get a little bigger.

Which brings us to now and their home Sydney, Australia. My friend Sybil told me to be careful, she said I would fall in love with them and want to be best friends, and shamelessly I do. Rome who had been working till 4am (he is a DJ, about to release his first EP) woke up for the early call with the best attitude of anyone I have ever seen in their twenties. Olivier who works long hours and shifts as a doctor gave up the better half of his precious Saturday to win the title of sweetest man alive. While Raphaele and Hanalei (partners and directors of the wetsuit/swim line ABYSSE) moved work, schedules and mountains to squeeze this in before  Hanalei jetted back to the California. Much Gratitude.

Between Byron, Bali and home they are still living the island life. Perhaps a little differently but still with the same soul. As a family Raphaele says they are the happiest when they are surfing together, that it's their way to connect, to laugh and share. It's where she says life is at its best, in the ocean, together.

Photographer Steven Baccon | Hair + Makeup Vic Anderson | Assistant Stylist Sharee Gray | Assistant Photographer Kenyon Batterson
Hanalei wears || Striped Top : Military Vintage, Denim Shorts : One Teaspoon, Hat : Vintage || Striped Bikini Top : One Teaspoon, Black Bikini Bottoms : ABYSSE, || White Dress : Vintage, White Hat : MamaPapa, Knit : I Love Mr Mittens || Metallic Dress : Kaliver ||
Olivier wears Black Stussy jeans and Van with Quicksilver denim shirt and One Teaspoon tee || Raphaele wears One teaspoon knit and denim shirt, Isla leather pants and tee, Celine sunglasses || Rome wears black jeans by Bronze Snake and tee from Samson and Taylor ||

Tomorrow Part Two of AN ISLAND LIFE takes it out in the water and talks all things ABYSSE

Raphaele talks about her daughter Hanalei.....

MERMAID, protector of the ocean

French rock meets vintage finds

Past Life
Explorer or viking

Next Life
Something related to the MOON. Hanalei means moon crescent in Hawaiian

Seeing the good in people, her positivity

Wits always comes first

Real Deal
Grounded, beautiful inside and out, hard worker

One Word

Karate black belt, not to be messed with!

Right Now
Abysse, our wetsuit brand

Thankyou Steve for another awesome adventure xxxx